Get Well Soon

Don’t泣 / Artist, Illustrator

It sucks to be sick. Especially when you have been your whole life. You can’t do much, so all you do is watch anime, play video games, and watch the kids play outside through your window. But you have a secret that even you can’t explain… you have the ability to see ghosts! After your parents fall asleep, sneak out of your house to explore your town after hours and enter the “Night Phase”. Meet new and old ghost friends and help them with tasks they were never able to complete before the died. But be careful because not all of the ghosts and monsters you encounter are friendly; fight them off by using your weapon of choice! Uncover clues of why you can see these supernatural beings and who you really are as you progress to new parts of town and fight off evil entities standing in your way! But are you brave enough to really know the truth?