STRUNG OUT in heaven’s high

Daruma Studio / Designer

Do you remember a cat that’s been in such an early game?
We know that the cat was sent to space. Connected, monitorized, trapped in a tin can. A cat sent to die for the sake of science.
High on catnip his brain envisioned adventures of space discovery, intergalactic battles, heroes and glory.
But this is the final chapter of the Star Cats saga and the addiction to catnip is now out of control. Strung-out on heaven’s high - hitting an all-time low - the little green wheels are following him.
Press start if you think you’re ready to help our hero to face down his last and worst enemy.
* 1 player. Non-conventional gameplay. Includes glowing 8-bit graphics, glam-chiptune music, sordid details and pictures of Japanese girls in synthesis.